Monday, August 20, 2012

Lim Phaik Gan (P. G. Lim) and Wee Eng Lock, marriage 8 October, 1938

A group photograph taken after the wedding of Mr. Wee Eng Lock, of Singapore, and Miss Lim Phaik Gan, B.A., of Penang, at Singapore yesterday. The only Chinese girl in Malaya who has represented Cambridge in fencing, Miss Lim Phaik Gan, B.A., of Penang, was married to Mr. Wee Eng Lock, a Singapore advocate and solicitor, at 37, Stevens Road, Singapore, yesterday. Mr. H.A. Forrer, senior marriage registrar, officiated. An adept fencer and probably the only Chinese woman enthusiast in fencing in Malaya, Miss Lim is the daughter of Mr. Lim Cheng Ean, formerly a member of the Legislative COuncil and until recently a police magistrate in Penang, and Mrs. Lim, of Penang. Mr Wee, who was called only a few months ago to the Straits Settlements Bar, is the son of Mr Wee Swee Teow, O.B.E., and Mrs. Wee of Singapore. Mr. Wee Swee Teow was also formerly a member of the Legislative Council for two terms, and is an advocate and solicitor. Among her many attainments, Miss Lim also holds a diploma to teach the theory and practice of music and is an accomplished pianist. Educated at the Penang Convent, she passed her London matriculation examination in Penang before going to Cambridge where she took history in the first part and law in the second part. While at Cambridge she met Mr. Wee, who was studying law there. Miss Lim graduated a Bachelor of Arts with honours. Returning to Penang she taught in the Penang Concent for three months, and recently passed an examination which qualified her to teach music. Miss Lim brought back from England a full fencing outfit for her father who was also a fencing enthusiast in his younger days. At the wedding yesterday, she was given away by her father. Her sisters, Misses Doris and Iris Lim, were bridesmaids and Mr. Po Guan Hock was best man. The bride wore a gown of white georgette with a train falling gracefully down behind. Her tulle veil was held in place by a halo of lillies and she carried a bouquet of arum lillies. Miss Doris and Iris Lim wore gowns of white tafetta whith white georgette fronts and carried posies of pink carnations. A reception was held at 37, Stevens Eoad, residence of the groom. Present at the reception were relatives of the bride, who had arrived specially for the wedding. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Lim Cheng Ean and six children, Mr. Lim Cheng Law, bride's uncle, Miss Wee Poh Neo, Mrs. Cheah Gin Seong, Mrs. Khoo Eok Lam, and Mrs Chua Chwee Ghee. The honeymoon is being spent in Java. The bride's going away dress is of white satin embroidered with pearl and silver beads. [The Straits Times, 9 October 1938, Page 7]


  1. There is no mention that PG Lim has a beautiful daughter who news cast on TV3. Can I know if she is still in country or overseas and her name please..

  2. You are right. I did not write this. It was written in 1938. I was born in 1962. I am not a P.G. Lim researcher, merely noting down what I come across in my own ancestral search (Seow, Chung, Tan etc.) which I think may be of interest and use to others. Since it may be difficult to determine, find and ask the author of this 1938 piece, the other option is to ask P.G. Lim herself. She launched a book recently. Perhaps you can check The Star (newspaper) website to find out who the publisher is and ask, or you could check up the bookstore. It could also be that this daughter is mentioned in P.G.'s book -- a visit to MPH, Popular, Boarder's, Time's etc. would not go amiss I would think. Happy hunting.