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Miss Ena Guat-Kheng Lim and Mr. Teh Say Koo, Marriage, 1st July 1933, Singapore

Malaya Tribune, 30 June 1933, Page 12 

The marriage of Miss Ena Guat Kheng, the only daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Lim Boon Keng, with Mr. Teh Say Koo, younger son of Mrs. Teh Thean Ee, of Penang, will be solemnised at the Garden Club, China Building, Chulia Street, to-morrow at 11 a.m.


Brilliant Chinese Wedding. 
Sunday Tribune (Singapore), 2 July 1933, Page 1
Educated In Paris. 

A brilliant wedding function took place yesterday morning at the Garden Club, China Building, Chulia Street. Singapore. There was a large gathering of well-known people at the reception.

The occasion was the marriage of Miss Ena Guat Kheng to Mr. Teh Say Koo, younger son of Mrs. Teh Thean Ee of Penang, who is now connected with the Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation, Ltd., as an accountant.

The bride is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Lim Boon Keng, who are known to all communities in Singapore. The bride returned from Paris a short time ago after a successful academic training and was met in Singapore by her parents, from Amoy, where Dr. Lim Boon Keng is president of the University.

The reception, which began at 11 o'clock was held in the spacious hall of the Garden Club which was filled to its utmost capacity.

The bride, who looked very pretty indeed was attired in flesh pink chiffon and underslip of powder blue, the bodice of the dress being trimmed with little white daisies and powder blue flowers. She wore a tulle veil caught up with little white flowers and she carried a sheaf of Madonna lilies. The bride and bride groom received the congratulations of the guests assembled.


Before the cake was cut two ladies of the Fairfield Girl's School, Miss Olsen and Miss Jackson, spoke in very high terms of the amiability and charming qualities of the bride, from their knowledge of her in the Fairfield Girls' School from her infancy.

Cake and champagne having been served, Mr. Seow Poh Leng proposed the toast of the bride and bridegroom.

He uttered the typical Chinese expression for the "wish of a thousand years of happiness."

The bridegroom, in a very brief speech, thanked the guests on behalf of his bride and himself.

Dr. Lim Boon Keng, who was loudly applauded, said his wife and he had given to him, the bridegroom, a flower of their household, but he felt sure that he had bestowed that flower to a worthy recipient. He expressed every hope for a happy union.

Cheers were given to the bride and bridegroom.

Music was supplied by an orchestra which helped to enlighten the proceedings.

At 12.30 the bride and bridegroom left the reception amidst the further plaudits of the assembly.


It was one of the most brilliant weddings in local Chinese circles for some years -- writes our Chinese correspondent.

After the parties had signed the marriage register at the Registry, everybody who was anyone among the Chinese community in Singapore was present at the reception, as were also many European ladies and gentlemen.

Wishing the bride and bridegroom happiness and prosperity, Mr. Seow Poh Leng read out his translation of a Chinese verse composed by Mrs. Lim Boon Keng, who is a Chinese scholar of no mean merit, for the occasion. It ran:

This day the Teh-Lim marriage we celebrate
The true and mutual love to consecrate
Let's now cut open the sugared wedding cake
That mutual love their life-time sweet will make.

Continuing, Mr. Seow said that he was but voicing the sentiments of those present when he said that they wished the newly-wedded couple the best of happiness and prosperity.

There was no need, the speaker said, to dwell on the work of Dr. Lim Boon Keng -- the bride's father -- on the Legislative Council. That was well-known to everybody.

Dr. Lim was also the first Chinese to win the Queen's Scholarship.


The bridegroom, he went on, was the first scholar to win the scholarship (in 1925) after it was resuscitated and he felt sure that it was a very fitting reward for the many and arduous labours of the father-in-law in trying to resuscitate the scholarship, for he had that day benefited from its resuscitation.

Mrs. Lim was also well-known to them. He would like to mention also that that day was her birthday which would make it doubly auspicious for her.

Mr. Lee Kong Chian, speaking in Hokien, also wished the bride and bridegroom the best of health and happiness on behalf of the guests.

Miss Olsen and Miss Jackson also spoke. The latter referred to the fine qualities of the bride whom she said she first knew when she was teaching in the University of Amoy.

Mr. Seow Poh Leng proposed the toast to the happy couple which was drunk with musical honours.

The bridegroom in reply thanked the guests on behalf of his wife and himself for the many wishes that had been tendered to him and also for their presence.

In a short and humorous speech Dr. Lim Boon Keng thanked the guests for their kind presence and many hearty wishes. Many written messages wishing the bride and bridegroom happiness had been sent ; he had no time to read them out but they were kept in the house of the married couple and he invited any of them who was inclined to do so o visit their home and see them.

Dr. Lim proposed the toast to the Chinese community.

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Chan Tak Hor, Death 11 Jan 1956, Penang

MR CHAN TAK HOR, passed away peacefully at penang General Hospital, at 12.30 p.m. on Jan 11, 1956. Funeral from 10, Dunn Road, penang, at 4 30 p.m. today for interment at Western Road Cemetery.

The Singapore Free Press, 12 January 1956, Page 16

Miss Helene Wee and Mr. Tan Chin Tuan, Marriage 18 Sep 1926, Singapore

Fashionable Chinese Wedding
Banker's Son Marries Banker's Daughter.

The marriage of Mr. Tan Chin Tuan, Assistant Secretary of the Chinese Commercial Bank, eldest son of the late Mr. Tan Cheng Siong, who was manager of the Oversea Chinese Bank, and Miss Wee Helene, youngest daughter of Mr. Wee Theam Seng, manager of the Chinese Commercial Bank, was celebrated on Saturday, 18th September. The ceremony took place in the morning at their homes, according to old Chinese custom. A reception was held in honour of the occasion at the Garden Club, Tanah Merah, in the afternoon, a large gathering of friends and relatives gracing the occasion with their presence.

the following were among those present:--Mr. Lim Nee Soon, Mr. and Mrs. Gaw Khek Khiam, Mr. and Mrs. Kwa Siew Tee, Mr. Yeo Ban Keng, Mr. Lee Kong Chian, Mr. Lim Bock Kee, Mr. Wee Teck Seng, Mr. and Mrs. Chew Hock Leong, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Taye, Miss S. Blackmore, Mr. and Mrs. Lim Chong Kuo, Mrs. Lee Choon Guan, Mrs. Gaw Boon Chan, Mr. and Mrs. Seow Poh Leng, Mr. and Mrs. Chew Hock Hin, Miss M. E. Olson, Mr. J. Laycock, Mr. and Mrs. Teo Beng Wan, Mr. W. D. Shaw, Mr. Wee Keng Cheng, Mr. and Mrs. Gaw Khek Swee, Mr. and Mrs. Gaw Khek Chiew, Dr. Chia Boon Leong, Mr. Lim Chong Pang, Mr. Lim Chee Seng, Mr. Chia Teck Chye, Mr. Tang Kok Soon, Mr. H. M. Hoisington, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Woodford, Mr. J. W. Oliver, Mr. R. A. Monteiro, Mr. Yap Twee, Mr. Cheong Chwee Phuan, Mr. Goh Siew Jin, Mr. Cheong Koon Seng, Mr. Chan Sze Onn, Mrs. Tan Kah Kee, Mrs. Teo Ah Lee.

After the bride and bridegroom had received the congratulations of those present on the lawn, the wedding cake was cut by them and the health of the newly married couple was toasted. Mr. J. Laycock made a short speech proposing the health and happiness of the couple, which was well received, and the bridegroom in a few well-chosen words thanked the speaker and those present for their good wishes. The bride, was educated in the Methodist Girls' School, passing the Senior Cambridge examination about two years ago.

Miss Kim Bong and Che Yahya bin Ali, Marriage October 1935, Malacca

The marriage was solemnised a few days ago between Che Yahya bin Ali of the rubber restriction office, Jasin, and Miss Kim Bong, daughter of Tuan Haji Aminah binte Dato' Haji Samsudin. A tea-party was given which was attended by a large gathering.

Mary Seow and Chan Lian Seng, Marriage October 1935, Malacca

Malacca News
(From Our Own Correspondent)
Malacca, Oct. 13.

In response to invitations issued by Mr. Chan Tuan Giap, manager of Malaka Pinda Rubber Estates, Ltd., a large number of guests attended a Chinese dinner at his residence at Heeren Street yesterday. The occasion was the marriage of his brother, Mr. Chan Lian Seng, of the Oversea Chinese Bank, to Miss Mary Seow, daughter of Mr. Seow Ban Seng, an old and respected resident of Malacca. Another dinner will also be given to-night.

Source: Malaya Tribune, 16 October 1935, Page 5

Seow Fong Lin, Death 6 May 1926, Singapore

Mr. Seow Fong Lin, age 59, late of Chartered Bank, passed away peacefully on May 6, 1926, at his residence No. 10-a, Lorong 4, East Coast, off Joo Chiat Place. He leaves two sons, Messrs. Seow Koon Ann and Seow Kim Puan, two daughters, two sons-in-law, Messrs. Tan Beng Tiong and ho Teck Hin and several grandchildren. Funeral on Sunday, at 10 a.m. precisely to Holland Road Cemetery. F.M.S., Penang and Bangkok papers please copy.

Source:The Straits Times, 7 May 1926, Page 8

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Mrs. C. O. Lim nee Pidduck, death 1933 December, Singapore.

Death of Mrs. Lim.
Wife of Well-Known Local Lawyer.

The death took place at the General Hospital on Sunday of Mrs. C. O. Lim, wife of a well-known lawyer.

Deceased, who was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Pidduck of London, had been in indifferent health for some time.

She was an accomplished lady, being an associate of Trinity College of Music, London, and was a Gibson scholar in the same institution.

The funeral took place yesterday at Bidadari.

Wreaths were received from the following:

Dr. and Mrs. Ou Kok Boo, Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Tay, Dr. and Mrs. Cheong Chee Hai, Dr. and Mrs. V. K. Samy, Mr. and Mrs. K. I. Tan, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Toh, Mr. and Mrs. Ng Cheng Koon, Mr. and Mrs, M. V. Pillai, Mr. and Mrs, S. J. Seow,  Mrs. Khoo Boo Gay and family, Mr. and Mrs. Song Ong Siang.

Dr. Muthutamby, Mr. S. Shunmugam, Mr. and Mrs. Lvim Hoon Bee, Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Ho, Mr. and Mrs. Lim Koon Teck, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lim, Dr. and Mrs. Ho Chee Heng, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Mallal, D.r and Mrs. Ang Swee Hian, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Tan, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chye Choon and family, Mr. and Mrs. Chia Keng Chin and family, Mr. and Mrs. Loke Yew Bee, Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Mallal, Mr. and Mrs. Lum Kam Sum, Mr. and Mrs. E, M. Tampoe-Phillo[s, Mr. and Mrs. Teh Say Koo, Dr. and Mrs. T. E. Cheah.

Dr. and Mrs. Lim Eng Hae, Mr. and Mrs. Chin Kee Choon, Dr. and Mrs. S. H. Tan and family, Mr. K. H. Oon, Mr. Pooh Yew and Mr. Tang Chee Cheng, Messrs. C. K, Lee and C. C, Tan and Miss R. Wong, Messrs. Frank Quahe and Chhong Thutt Pitt, Messrs. Yap Peng Geck and S, K, Gaw, Dr. Andrew G. Williams, Miss Jenny Lim and Mr. B. H. Chia.