Monday, November 19, 2012

Wendy Sui-Cheng Yap and Alexander Ming-Lit Tsao, marriage Saturday, 25 March 1978, Jakarta

Congralutions to Mr and Mrs Yap Siauw Gie on the occasion of the marriage of ther daughter Wendy Sui-Cheng Yap to Alexander Ming-Lit Tsao on Saturday, 25th March, 1978 in Jakarta, Indonesia. From: Tan Hock Say (Pte) Ltd, Khiam Bee & Co, Bee Thong Trading Co (Pte) Ltd, Gee Seng Hung Pte Ltd, Hock Hoe Hong Kee Co (Pte) Ltd. [The Straits Times, 24 March 1978, Page 32]

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Leong Hean Inn and Chew Boon Huck, marriage Saturday 9 March 1935, Penang

The wedding took place in the old style at Penang of Mr Chew Boon Huck and Miss Leong Hean Inn. The bridegroom is the fifth son of the late Mr Chew Cheng Keat and Mrs Chew while the bride is the only daughter of the late Mr Leong Fook Chee and Mrs Leong. Mr Chew Boon Ee, brother of the bridegroom of Messrs Boon Pharmacy, gave a dinner in honour of the occasion to a large number of friends at his residence in Seang Tek Road. [The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 15 March 1935, Page 3]

The marriage took place last Saturday at Penang of Mr Chew Boon Huck fifth son of the late Mr Chew Cheng Keat and Mrs Chew Cheng Keat, and Miss Leong Hean Inn only daughter of the late Mr Leong Fook Chee and Mrs Leong Fook Chee. The ceremony which was in the old style was solemnised at the bride's residence in Love Lane, the bridgegroom's residence, 62 Seang Tek Road and the Pitt Street Chinese Temple. Mr Chew Boon Ee, of the Boon Pharmacy, entertained a number of friends to dinner at his residence, 62 Seang Tek Road, in the evening. [The Straits Times, 16 March 1935, Page 16]

Lee Kim Ngoh and Teh Yean Chuan, marriage 1933, Penang

Mr and Mrs Teh Geoh Watt, of Penang, have sent out invitations for the marriage of their eldest grandson, Mr Teh Yean Chuan to Miss Lee Kim Ngoh, second daughter of the late Mr Lee Choon Seng. The marriage will take place at 70, Seang Tek Road where a reception will be held after the ceremony. A dinner will also be given. [The Straits Times, 9 May 1933, Page 11]

Mrs A. C. Highet, death 15 April 1926, Penang

Mrs. A. C. Highet, wife of Mr. Highet, chief engineer on the Sri Muar, died at her residence in Seang Tek Road, Penang, on April 15. [The Straits Times, 21 April 1926, Page 8]

Ku Hung Ming aka Koh Hong Beng, death 20 May 1928, Peking

Ku Hung Mng Dead. China's Most Noted Newspaperman. Peking, May 20. Ku Hung-ming, China's most famous "newspaperman," has died here at the age of 72. Mr. Ku spoke and wrote several languages, and excelled in the use of idiomatic English. He was a great admirer of Japan and spent most of his later life in tat country, but came back to Peking to die. He contended that Japan was carrying on the old Chinese culture better than  modern China was doing. Born in the Straits Settlements, Mr. Ku was one of the first Chinese students to study in England. He first saw his native land in 1883, and at that time knew little of the Chinese language or literature. But he later became a scholar in Chinese. [The Straits Times, 2 June 1928, Page 9]

Monday, November 12, 2012

Khoo Keng Lean, death 31 October 1934, Taiping

Taiping Nov. 5. The funeral took place yesterday of Mr Khoo Keng Lean, retired cashier of the Chartered Bank, Taiping. Mr Khoo Keng Lean died last Wednesday, at the age of 63. Mr Khoo Keng Lean started work in the bank's branch in Penang in 1887 and was later transferred to Taiping. His service extended over 44 years, up to the time he retired on pension in 1931. He leaves his widow, five sons Messrs Khoo Kai Soon, Khoo Kie Hock, Khoo Kie Huat, Khoo Kie Bee and Khoo Kie Hong, two sons-in-law Messrs Quah Eng Lim and Lim Sian Hock and several daughters and grand-children to mourn his loss. [The Straits Times, 6 November 1934, Page 13]

Khoo Lian Tann and Yeoh Kok Kee, marriage 28 September 1921, Penang

Invitations are out for the marriage of Mr Yeoh Kok Kee, son of the late Mr Yeoh Chooi Chow and assistant teacher in St Xavier's Institution, Penang, to Miss Khoo Lian Tann, third daughter of Mr Khoo Cheng Khip, which will take place on Wednesday, the 28th instant. [Malaya Tribune, 12 September 1921, Page 6]

Khoo Cheng Khip, death 17 January 1934, Penang

The death occurred on Wednesday of Mr Khoo Cheng Khip, aged 84, the father of Mr Khoo Loon Teik and brothers, and the grandfather of Mr E. C. Khoo (son of Mr Khoo Loon Teik) barrister-at-law, and the father of Mr Sin Yew Keong. Deceased leaves a widow, ten sons, nine daughters, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. [The Straits Times, 20 January 1934, Page 13]

The death has occurred in Penang of Mr. Khoo Cheng Khip, aged 84, the lather of Mr. Khoo Loon Teik and brothers and the grandfather of Mr. E. C. Khoo, (son of Mr. Khoo Loon Teik) barrister-at-law and the father-in-law of Mr. Sin Yew Keong. Deceased leaves behind his widow, ten sons, nine daughters, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren, besides other relatives to mourn his death. [The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 22 January 1934, Page 3]

Khoo Eng Teow, death 16 November 1951, Singapore

Death. Mr Khoo Eng Teow, eldest son of Mr & Mrs Khoo Teng Leong, passed away peacefully at 1 p.m. yesterday. Funeral takes place today at 2 p.m. [The Straits Times, 17 November 1951, Page 7]

Death. Khoo Eng Teow of 53-C Jervois Rd., Singapore at the age of 31, on Friday 16th Nov., 1951. Teow's Last Message: Love to one and all. God bless. [The Straits Times, 18 November 1951, Page 10]

Boey Chuan Poh, death 19 August 1926, Singapore

Death. Boey. On August 19, 1926 at 4.45 p.m. at is residence No 49 Devonshire Road, Mr Boey Chuan Poh, the sole proprietor of Union Times. Age 53. He leaves a widow and two daughters behind to mourn his loss. Burial on Sunday August 22, 1926 at 10 a.m., at Bukit Brown Cemetery. [The Straits Times, 20 August 1926, Page 7]

Wee Chim Yean, death 13 August 1926, Singapore

Death. Wee. August 13 1926 at 12 a.m. at 28 Stanley Street, Mr Wee Chim Yean, Capitan China of Bengkalis. Deceased leaves four sons and four daughters to mourn his loss. Funeral on Sunday August 22, 1926 at Bukit Brown Cemetery. Java and Sumatra papers please copy. [The Straits Times, 16 August 1926, Page 7]

Lee Seck Jim (Mrs Koh San Lim), death 14 August 1926, Malacca

Death. Koh. On Saturday August 14 at 1 p.m. at Malacca, Mrs Koh San Lim (Madam Lee Seck Jim) aged 68. She leaves behind four sons, three daughters, fourteen grandchildren to mourn her loss. Funeral oon Friday August 20. [The Straits Times, 16 August 1926, Page 7]

Tan Joo Khoon, death 31 July 1926, Singapore

Death. At No 393 Beach Road on the 31st July, Mr Tan Joo Khoon of the Master Attendant's Office at the age of 44. Brother-in-law of Mr Seah Eng Lim. He leaves a widow, 4 sons, 2 daughters and a daughter-in-law, also 5 brothers Tan Joo Seng, Tan Joo Sung, Tan Joo Eng, Tan Koon Yam, Tan Joo Kee to mourn his loss. Funeral on Sunday 8th August at 11 a.m. for Bukit Brown. [Malaya Tribune, 7 August 1926, Page 5]

Tan Kiah Tye, death 13 July 1926, Singapore

Deaths. Mr Tan Kiah Tye, beloved father of Messrs Tan Ah Leng, Tan Swee Poh, Tan Swee Yam, Tan Swee Kwang and adopted father of Messrs Tan Peng Chwee and Tan Tee Kwang at his residence No 196, Syed Alwee Road on Tuesday the 13th instant. Funeral at 10 a.m. on Sunday 18th instant at Bukit Brown. [Malaya Tribune, 14 July 1926, Page 6]

Teo Beng Lee, death 15 July 1926, Singapore

Deaths. Teo. On July 15 1926 at 1 a.m. at No 58 Chetty Road off Jalan Pasar, Singapore, Mr Teo Beng Lee aged 58 years. He leaves three sons Messrs Teo Seong Moh of Perry & Co., Seong Keng of Municipality and Jee Leong of the Straits Steamship Co., three daughters, one son-in-law Mr Lim Bah Chik, Chinchew S. S. Kamuning, two daughters-in-law, several grandchildren and uncle of Mr Lim Kee Cheok J.P., and M.C. Please do not send Chinese scrolls or banners etc. The funeral will take place on Monday, July 19, 1926 at Tua Payoh (nearer than Bukit Brown) at 10 a.m. Deeply regretted. S.S. Java and Bangkok papers please copy. [Malaya Tribune, 15 July 1926, Page 5]

Cheang Kit Seng, death 11 July 1926, Singapore

Death. Chiang. Mr Cheang Kit Seng at his residence No 26-A Everton Road at 9 p.m. on Sunday the 11th instant, at the ripe age of 82. He leaves behind 2 sons (Messrs Chiang Cheng Lim and Cheang Tan Kwee) and several grand-children to mourn his loss. Funeral at 10 a.m. Sunday (18th instant) at Bukit Brown. [Malaya Tribune, 13 July 1926, Page 6]

Tan Chik Nya and Lim Swee Gim, marriage 9 June 1926, Singapore

Mr Lim Swee Gim is engaged to Madam Tan Chik Nya eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Tan Wan Boon, and widow of the late Mr Wee Mah Teck. The marriage will take place on the 9th instant. [Malaya Tribune, 2 June 1926, Page 6]

Wong Joon Fee (Ah Theam) aka Wong Yoon Fee (Ah Thiam), death 24 May 1926, Singapore

The death occurred at his residence 78 Amoy Street of Mr Wong Joon Fee, otherwise known as Ah Theam at the age of 58 on Monday afternoon, May 24. He leaves a widow, several children and grandchildren. Mr Wong Joon Fee was the proprietor of Ban Hoe and Co. and Sin Cheong Loong and was landed proprietor and a rubber planter. He was a member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Garden Club and held a decoration from the Chinese Republic. The remains are to be sent to China for interment. [The Straits Times, 27 May 1926, Page 8]

Death. Wong. May 24 1926, at 78 Amoy Street, Singapore. Mr Wong Joon Fee (Ah Theam) Aged 58 years. Funeral will be announced later. [Malaya Tribune, 4 June 1926, Page 6; Malaya Tribune, 5 June 1926, Page 6]

Messrs Wong Kim Yong, Wong Kwee Yong, Wong Fup Yong (Vee Kuan), Wong Khin Yong and Wong Yin Yong (sons of the late Mr Wong Yoon Fee (Ah Thiam) beg respectfully to announce that the remains of their late father, Mr Wong Yoon Fee (Ah Thiam) will be removed from his residence, No 78 Amoy Street on 25th July 1926 at 10 a.m. to Tanjong Pagar Wharves (Gate No 3) for interment in China. [Malaya Tribune, 13 July 1926, Page 6]

James F. B. Norcott, death 27 June 1926, Johore Bahru

Deaths. Norcott. On June 27th at the European Hospital, Johore Bahru, James F. B. Norcott of Linggi Plantations Ltd., aged 25 years. [The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 30 June 1926, Page 8]

Chia Wen Yen, death 29 June 1926, Singapore

Consul-General Dead. Mr. Chia Wen Yen Dies After Short Illness. Mr Chia Wen Yen, Consul-General for China, passed away at his home, No 30 Blair Road at seven o'clock this morning from asthma, with which he has been afflicted since December last, though only confined to his home for about a week. The deceased was well educated in Chinese but had a very slight command of English. Before coming to the local Consulate-General, two years and one month ago, he had represented his country as Consul at Sourabaya and previously to that at Rangoon. His position will be assumed temporarily by the Vice-Consul, Mr Jui Chun Hsu. Mr Chia Wen Yen was sixty years of age and leaves a widow and nine children, six sons and three daughters, to mourn his loss. He was a native of Namhoi, Kwangtung Province. [Malaya Tribune, 29 June 1926, Page 7]

Death of Mr. Chia Wen Yen. Chinese Consul-General In Singapore. We regret to record the death, which occurred at his residence in Blair Road to-day of Mr Chia Wen Yen, Consul-General for China in Singapore. Death was due to asthma. The Consul-General, who had been in Singapore just over two years, was much respected by the Chinese community and others who knew him, and the news of his death will be received with regret. He was sixty years of age and leaves a family of six sons and three daughters. Mr Chia Wen Yen was born in Canton. He graduated at the tung Wen College, Peking, and was Consul-General for China at Fusen and Chemulpu, Korea. From 1911 to 1913 he was secretary of the Chinese Legation at Tokio. He was Consul-General at Rangoon from 1914 to 1918 and held a similar appointment at Soerabaya from 1918 up to the time he came to Singapore in 1924. the arrangements as to the funeral will be announced later. [The Straits Times, 29 June 1926, Page 9]

Deaths. Chia. Chia Wen yen, Chinese Consul-General for Singapore at 7 a.m. on 29th instant at his residence No 30 Blair Road. Deeply regretted. [The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 30 June 1926, Page 8]

Since the death on the morning of June 29 of Mr Chia Wen Yen, Consul-General for China at Singapore, the coffined body has been lying at 30 Blair Road but at noon on Sunday 25th inst., the coffin will be deposited at the Cantonese burial ground (Pek San Theng) at Thomson Road, pending shipment to Canton, where the burial will take place in his native village. Pending instructions from Peking, the Consulate-General is now in charge of Mr Jui Chun Hsu, the Vice-Consul. [The Straits Times, 7 July 1926, Page 10]

The Late Mr Chia Wen Yen. Chinese Consul-Generakl in Singapore. The news of the death of the Consul-General which took place on Tuesday morbing was received with sorrow by the Chinese community by whom he was held iin great respect. The funeral will take place on Sunday 18th July at noon when the remains will be removed to the Singapore Harbour Board Godown for transmission to Canton for interment. The funeral will be in the reformed style. [Malayan Saturday Post, 3 July 1926, Page 23; The Straits Times, 15 July 1926, Page 7]

In Memoriam. The friends of the late Mr Chia Wen Yen, 3rd Class Order of the Chio Ho (Excellent Crop) Consul-General for China S.S. are respectfully informed that his remains will be removed from his residence 30 Blair Road on Sunday the 25th July 1926 at 2 p.m. to the Cantonese Cemetery Pek San Theng at Thompson Road and there await transmissiopn to Canton for interment. [The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 14 July 1926, Page 8]

The remains of the late Mr Chia Wen Yen, Consul-General for China in Singapore, will be removed from 30 Blair Road on Sunday at 2 p.m. to the Cantonese Cemetery (Pek San theng), Thomson Road, prior to being sent to Canton for interment. [The Straits Times, 22 July 1926, Page 8]

Mrs Chia Wen Yen and family beg to thank the friends and relatives who assisted at and attended the funeral of the late Mr Chia Wen Yen, Chinese Consul-General, and also those who sent scrolls, letters of condolence, telegrams, wreaths, etc., which are so numerous that they are unable to return thanks individually, and they ask that they be excused. [Malaya Tribune, 26 July 1926, Page 6; The Straits Times, 27 July 1926, Page 8]

The remains of the late Chiense Consul-General Mr Chia Wen Yen will be removed from Pek San Theng Cantonese Cemetery, Thomson Road, at 10 a.m. on Thursday next, the 18th instant to the ss. Talma, leaving for Hong Kong, and thence for transhipment to Canton (Private funeral). [The Straits Times, 17 November 1926, Page 7]

Chua Siew Neo (Mrs Lim Chee Seng), death 17 June 1926, Singapore

Death. Madam Chua Siew Neo, beloved wife of Mr Lim Chee Seng at 56-3 Market Street on 17th instant. Funeral on Monday 21st instant at 10.30 a.m. at Bukit Brown Cemetery. [Malaya Tribune, 19 June 1926, Page 6]

Goh Tian Choo and Tan Kee Siang, marriage 1 June 1926, Singapore

Engagement. The engagement is announced and the marriage will take place to-morrow at the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, Queen Street at 6.30 a.m. between Mr Tan Kee Siang of Boustead & Co. Ltd., the youngest son of Mr & Mrs Tan Siew Meow and Miss Goh Tian Choo, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Goh Keng Siang of Kim Seng Place. [Malaya Tribune, 31 May 1926, Page 6]

Lim Soon Liang, death 28 May 1926, Singapore

Death. Mr Lim Soon Liang at his residence No 7 Martin Lane at 1 a.m. on Friday the 28th instant at the ripe age of 81. He leaves behind him a widow (Madam Tan Teck Ghee Neo), four sons (Messrs Lim Tiam Ek, Tiam Hock, Tiam Siew & Tiam Seng), four daughters (Mrs Lee Keng Lin, Mrs Ong Peng Hock, Mrs Chua Yew Hoe & Mrs Lim Yeok Sian) and five grand children to mourn his loss. Funeral will take place at 10 a.m. sharp on Tuesday the 1st June -- place of interment Bukit Brown. [Malaya Tribune, 28 May 1926, Page 6]

Thng Peah Neo, death 25 April 1926, Singapore

Death. Wee. Madam Thng Peah Neo, beloved mother of Wee Tam Ghee, passed away on Sunday 25th instant at the age of 61, at her residence No 53 Craig Road. She leaves behind to mourn her loss a son, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, 3 grand-children, and a son-in-law, Lee Seng Hock. Funeral at 10 am. on Sunday 2nd May to Bukit Brown Cemetery. Deeply regretted. [Malaya Tribune, 27 April 1926, Page 6]

Wee Nah Gah (Mrs. Koh Guan Seng), death 31m March 1926, Singapore

Death. Koh. Mrs. Koh Guan Seng (nee Wee Nah Gah) at No. 40 Joo Chiat Place on March 31, 1926 aged 81. Mother of Madam Koh Yam Neo, mother-inlaw of Chua Yew Piat and grandmother-in-law of Lim Yew Chye. Interment on Sunday, April 4, at 9.30 at Bukit Brown. [Malaya Tribune, 3 April 1926, Page 5]

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ng Hean Neo (Mrs Tan Yong Tian), death 1926, Singapore

Death. Tan. The remains of Mrs Tan Yong Tian nee Ng Hean Neo, beloved mother of Tan Khim Chua, Guan Chua, Choon Chua, Heng Chua and mother-in-law of Kwek Noy Chia and Lee Keng Hin, will be removed from 535 East Coast Road to Bukit Brown Cemetery for interment on Sunday the 4th April, 1926. Cortege will leave the house at 10 a.m. [Malaya Tribune, 30 March 1926, Page 6]

Yong Sak Keng, death 26 March 1926, Singapore

Acknowledgement. Mrs Yong Sak Keng and family thank all her kind relatives and friends for their attendance at the funeral of her late husband on Friday last 26th instant, and also those who sent wreaths, scrolls and letters &c. of condolence. [Malaya Tribune, 30 March 1926, Page 6]

Lee Hock Swee and Tan Chew Chye, marriage 1926, Singapore

Engagement. The engagement is announced between TAN CHEW CHYE the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Tan Ah Hong and Miss Lee Hock Swee the eldest daughter of Mrs and the late Mr Lee Guan Soon. [Malaya Tribune, 30 March 1926, Page 6]

Lim Yew Gek, death 6 March 1926, Singapore

Death. At No. 13 Martin Lane, on March 6, 1926, Lim Yew Gek, beloved mother-in-law of Mr. Chia Cheng Hoe of Singapore Agency Company. She leaves a son, Chan Sian Cheng, two grand-daughters Annie and Nellie Chia, to mourn her loss. Funeral on Wednesday, March 10, 1926, at 11 a.m. to Bulit Brown. Deeply regretted. [The Straits Times, 9 March 1926, Page 8]

Low Kim Neo, death 4 March 1926, Singapore

Death. LOW. At her residence No 65 Spottiswoode Park Road, (Singapore) on 4th March 1926 Madam Low Kim Neo aged 60 years the beloved mother of Wee Leong Soon, and mother-in-law of Tan Beng Choon. She leaves behind her 1 son, 2 daughters, 1 daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren to mourn her loss. Funeral Sunday 7th instant, at Bukit Brown cemetery. Deeply regretted. [Malaya Tribune, 6 March 1926, Page 6]

Friday, November 2, 2012

Esther Veronica Tait and Henry Starr, marriage 8 September 1890

Marriage. On the 8th instant, at the Church of the Assumption by the Rev. Father Rivet, Esther Veronica, third daughter of Captain Tait, to Henry, third son of Lawrence Starr, of O'Magh County, Tyrone, Ireland. [Pinang Gazette & Straits Chronicle Friday, 12 September 1890]