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Cheah Beng Cheang, death 18 July 1959, Singapore; Lim Saw Yong (Mrs. Cheah Beng Cheang), death 20 July 1959, Singapore

Death. Cheah Beng Cheang passed away peacefully at the ripe age of 80 on 18.7.59 at 137 Tiong Bahru Road leaving behind a widow, 4 sons (Thye Eng, Thye Hin, Thye Bee and Thye Hong); 4 daughters, 4 Daughters-in-law, 2 Sons-in-law (Cheong Soon Tuan and Saw Chee Hye), and several grandcholdren. Funeral on (Monday) 20.7.59 morning for burial at Jurong Road Cemetery. [The Straits Times, 19 July 1959, Page 20]

Death. Mrs. Cheah Beng Cheang (nee Lim Saw Yong) died peacefully on 20-7-59 at ripe age of 66 years at 137 Tiong Bahru Road leaving behind 4 sons (Thye Eng, Thye Hin, Thye Bee, Thye Hong), 4 daughters, two sons-in-law (Cheong Soon Tuan and Saw Chee Hye), 4 daughters-in-law and several grandchildren. Funeral together with her beloved husband on 20-7-59. Penang papers please copy. The Straits Times, 21 July 1959, Page 6]

Couple devoted in life buried side by side... Singapore, Monday. Inseparable in life, a devoted couple died within 44 hours of each other and were buried side by side here today. Only a few months ago Mr. and Mrs. Cheah Beng Cheang had spoken of such a double death as a wonderful end to life. Bearded Mr. Cheah, 80, a retired businessman, died in his flat in Tiong Bahru on Saturday afternoon. Arrangements were made for a burial at 11 a.m. today. Three hours before the funeral his wife, Madam Lim Saw Yong, 66, collapsed beside his coffin while praying. A doctor was summoned but by the time he arrived she was dead. Mourners who went to the flat for Mr. Cheah's funeral were shocked to find two coffins in the hall. Married for over 43 years. Over one coffin was a wreath of spider orchids with this inscription: "In loving memory, from his wife and children." The Cheahs married for over 43 years, had four sons and four daughters. Said the eldest son Mr. Cheah Thye Eng: "Father and mother were such a devoted couple. Of course they had their quarrels, but father or mother would quickly give in and they would be happy together again. Some months ago they read in the Straits Times about another aged couple dying together. Father then commented: What a wonderful way to end life, and mother added: Yes, let us hope we could go like that, and they both smiled. Madam Lim was at her husband's bedside when he died. Shortly before eight a.m. today, she knelt in prayer beside the coffin and cried out: "My loving husband, you had been so good to me, and now you are going away...." One of her daughters pleaded with her to stop crying. She collapsed in her daughter's arms.... and died. [The Straits Times, 21 July 1959, Page 7]

Family of late Mr. and Mrs. Cheah Beng Cheang thank Relatives and Friends for Messages of Condolence, Wreaths, Scrolls, Donations, Night Visits, Loan of Cars and Attending Funeral. [The Straits Times, 23 July 1959, Page 6]

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