Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arabella Augusta Van der Beek and Thomas William Stubbs, marriage 27 May 1896, Singapore

A Eurasian Marriage. The marriage of Mr Thomas William Stubbs, the 13th clerk of the General Post Office and assistant to the Marine Sorter, to Miss Arabella Augusta Van der Beek, the eldest daughter of the clerk to H.E. the Governor, will take place at St. Andrew's Cathedral at 3 p.m., on Wednesday, the 27th instant. [The Straits Times, 19 May 1896, Page 2]


  1. Thomas William Stubbs was my Uncle. Thank you for posting this Jeffrey. Do you have a family connection or are you interested in Singapore/Malayan history?


    Robin Stubbs

  2. The only family connection I could possibly have with each and every person I have posted on here is the one where all of us probably came from Adam and Eve :P

    Yes, I am interested in history. In my research on the history of my ancestors and of Penang, Perask nd Singapore I come across loads of information, much of which would be of more use to others, researching their own genealogy, than to me. Rather than ignore or discard, I have chosen to take the little extra effort necessary, to post it here so that it can benefit more people. It's as simple as that.

  3. Apologies Jeffrey, I did not wish to cause you offence. I merely wished to know if you were a distant relative of mine through a family connection only with the Stubbs family in Singapore and Malaysia. Best wishes with your research.