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Death - John Alexander Bannerman - Penang - 8 Aug. 1819


Pulo Penang.

Death of Governor Bannerman.

We record the death of Colonel Bannerman, Governor of the Island of Pulo Penang, because it is a serious loss to Christian Labours in that quarter of the East.

On his return from attending the funeral of one of the Gentlemen attached to the Company's Service, he complained of a pain in the chest. The attack baffled all medical skill, and, after ten days, closed his active and useful life. He died on the evening of the 8th of August, aged 61 years. His remains were attended to the grave by an immense multitude -- regretted by all ; but by none more than the Missionaries at the Island, whom he had uniformly patronised and encouraged.

Colonel Bannerman served long in the Madras Army. On returning home he sat in Parliament for a short time ; and was, for many years, a member of the Court of Directors.

The General Orders issued on occasion of his death, justly eulogize the deceased Governor, as one -

- whose zeal and anxiety to promote the public welfare were ardent and unceasing ; and whose useful and honourable labours, marked alike by integrity and every manly virtue, were not confined to the sphere of this Presidency, but have been exemplified, and often publickly appreciated, during a period of upward of forty-three years, passed in the service of the Honourable East-India Company, in various stations of difficulty, honour, and responsibility.

But we think it the highest eulogy on Colonel Bannerman's memory, that while so many who have witnessed the degradation of the millions of India for years are indifferent if not hostile to Christian Exertions among them, he carried back to those scenes of gross depravity and idolatry a lively feeling of the obligation and the benefit of such exertions. We know that he voluntarily tendered his services to the Church Missionary Society, to further any efforts which it might be in their power to make within the sphere of his future Government ; and we see that he was the Patron and Friend of all such Labourers as lived within the reach of his influence.

The Missionary Register for MDCCCXX [1820] &c. London: L. B. Seeley. 1820. Page 119 - India-Pulo Penang; Chandernagore

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