Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2nd Daughter of Mr. Ong Sam Leong and Mr. Yean Chuan, Marriage 2 Oct. 1906, Singapore

The Straits Times, 3 October 1906, Page 5


A fashionable Straits Chinese wedding was celebrated yesterday afternoon, when Mr. Puey Yean Chuan, son of Mr. Puey Eng Hong, married the second daughter of Mr. Ong Sam Leong. The reception was held in both residences of two parties. The wedding procession, starting first from the bride's house to the bridegroom's place, consisted of the usual Chinese wedding music, a Manila brass band following at the rear of the newly married couple's carriages and also a number of Straits babas and nonyas who are relatives and friends of the bridegroom. The ceremony was quite a gay one, and the carriages drawn by pairs of horses of the bride and bridegroom were also nicely decorated with red cloth &c. Messrs. Ong Sam Leong and Puey Eng Hong are well-known and highly-esteemed residents of Singapore and are both joint partners in business and contractors of the Christmas Island Phosphate Co. Ltd.

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