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J. J. Agerbeek, Death 3 Jan 1884, Penang

Straits Times Weekly Issue, 19 January 1884, Page 2

The Penang Times of the 8th January records the two following cases of alleged suicide there:-

On the 3rd instant a Batavia gentleman named J. J. Agerbeek, clerk to Messrs Ban Joo & Co.,  contractors to the Dutch naval forces in Acheen waters, committed suicide at his residence 95, Muntri Street. He had arrived from Batavia about a week before Christmas with his wife and family, and had since been labouring under great excitement, owing to an uncontrollable fancy that some people were plotting to murder him. On his wife perceiving that he was attempting to shoot himself with a revolver which he had procured a few days before, she tried to take it from him, but did not succees, and on her going to the window to call for help, he shot himself in the head. An inquest held on Monday morning before Alfred De Wind Neubronner, Esq., Coroner, found that the deceased shot himself while in a state of temporary insanity.
Another death supposed to be also a suicide took place in the hospital on the 4th instant. An engineer, who had only been admitted there the day before, was found dead in his bed. It is supposed that he took a dose of laudanum, which he must have had concealed on his person when he came to the hospital.

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