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Walter Scott Petherbridge, Death, 18 Sept. 1888, Penang


At Sans Souci Villa, on the 18th inst., aged 36 years, Walter Scott Petherbridge, partner in the firm of Brown & Co., and second son of Captain Petherbridge, 3 Wellesley Villas, Forest Hill, London.


A gloom was cast over the Settlement on Wednesday by the announcement of the death of Mr. Walter Scott Petherbridge, which took place the previous evening. He only returned from Europe by last mail, after more than a year's absence, and was in his office on the day off his arrival. His friends noticed then that he looked far from well, but attributed it to the discomfort of the voyage out, the heat in the Red Sea having been excessive. He himself complained a little, and went home feeling rather unwell. He was never in the office again. For several days he did not seek medical advice thinking he would soon be all right, and when the doctor was called in, there seemed to be no serious symptoms. On Monday, however, alarming symptoms appeared, and on Tuesday afternoon, at about five o'clock, he died of heart disease. Mr. Petherbridge, who was only 36 years of age, came to Penang in 1872, and entered the office of Messrs. Brown & Company, in which firm, his uncle, the late Mr.Walter Scott, was then a partner. On the death of that gentleman in 1885, he himself became a partner. In August last year he went home with his wife and child, whom, on his return, he left behind in England. A few months ago he had a sharp attack of gastric fever, but had completely recovered, and when he left hime he was apparently in excellent health. Mr. Petherbridge was one of the best known men in Penang, and he will be much missed by a large circle of friends.

[Pinang Gazette and Straits Chronicle, Friday, September 21, 1888, Page 5]

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